About Me

I am a Bangor-based photographer, passionate about what I do and loving that I get to meet such a variety of people and see amazing things along the way. I have my wee family made up of my partner in crime David, our little scamp Seth, and the four-legged scruff Peggy. Together we’re figuring out parenthood and ‘adulting’, and running a business alongside that; it’s challenging, interesting, and definitely an adventure!

Retrosight is all about capturing those tiny moments which make up huge events – the expression on the faces of the excited couple beginning the adventure of marriage or that beautiful pride and love of parents holding their new born baby – moments that make the heart sing. In 2016 we launched The Picture Bus, which has become a huge part of what we do, and we’re very proud of it.

I first decided I wanted a camera when I was about five years old at my aunt’s wedding on the Isle of Arran and I saw an older girl with a white compact camera. Since then a passion for photography has grown, from being behind the lens, to the amazing people I have met on the other side of it, to sifting through ancient family photos into the wee hours. For me, certain things touch my heart – good photography is one of them, and I strive to get better and inspire the way I have been inspired by others.