As I type, Jill and Aaron are putting the final preparations together for their wedding day… The church has been decorated, the suits and dresses are ready, and in just over 24 hours they will meet at the top of the aisle to make some incredibly powerful and significant promises to each other. I always think of the day before someone’s wedding day as feeling rather like Christmas Eve when you’re little; such a huge amount of excitement and anticipation, thinking “just one more sleep”, and wondering if you’ll be able to get to sleep at all with the excitement. I guess the difference is probably falling into bed with a fair amount of exhaustion after all the months of planning have finally been completed. But the excitement still remains! One more sleep until you commit to spend the rest of your life with this person you have chosen, and who you will continue to choose every day, no matter what. There will be such adventures – perhaps in travelling to other lands, or in the everyday tasks as you learn to live with and for this person – and days when you feel your heart could burst with so much love. Some days will feel like your heart could burst with such sadness when pain comes, but that person you have chosen is by your side… your greatest fan, loudest cheerleader, and most faithful friend. I’m very excited for you, Jill and Aaron! I hope for every good thing in your marriage, and that it grows stronger every day.

See you tomorrow!


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