Often on the morning of the wedding you can find the bride’s father washing the car, shining shoes, or ironing a shirt. Finding him washing the dog was a first for me! Sarah’s family dog was cleaned up and brought to the church as a surprise to greet her and Matt as they came outside. It’s little touches like that – things outside of all the great and tiny details planned for months in advance – that surprise, delight, and make a wedding day that little bit more special for a couple. I’ve found the same thing with the vendors chosen to work with couples; make-up artists and hairdressers who make the morning more fun and relaxed, drivers who are a joy to be around, venue managers who guide you through the reception and make everything run smoothly with ease. These are things you don’t always expect to make a difference and add to the day, and it’s a lovely bonus when you realise the impact they have.

Matt and Sarah’s wedding was so much fun, and they had the best people around them in their bridal party, families and friend groups. They seemed to just go with the flow of the day, taking in every moment, and making sure everyone had a great time, and definitely looked like they had the best day of their lives. Thank you for having me as part of it, I absolutely loved celebrating with you!

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