Michael and Jo are dear friends of myself and David, so as well as this being a particularly special wedding for us it was also an opportunity for the two of us to shoot together, which was a lot of fun! He has a great eye for photography, especially candid photos, and we’re looking forward to a couple more definite “Team Titmus” weddings in the coming year.

Joanna is a beautiful, creative, gentle bride, and makes everything seem so effortlessly natural and pretty. Every detail of this autumn wedding was perfect and fitted in wonderfully at Ballydugan Mill – one of two matches made in heaven that day! (The other one is obviously Jo and her handsome groom). Michael wore a sharp suit, amazing cufflinks, and look of utter devotion for his bride. As I edited the photos of Jo walking down the aisle I almost shed a tear myself seeing the moment he welled up at the sight of her! A special mention must also go to one of the most fun bridal parties – what a great group to have around you when you make the most important promises of your lives. Photographing this couple was such a pleasure,  and the way they look at each other is something truly magical.

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