I think that the decision of who to have photograph your wedding is a really important one, as this will be the record of one of the most important days of your life, and when the day is over, thank you cards sent, toasters and kettles well used, and for many many years beyond, the photos taken and memories captured that day will remain… it’s important that you love your photos and how they represent who you are as a couple and what you promise that day.

All that to say, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly by either the couple or the photographer, and it should be a good ‘fit’, as you will spend more time with your photographer than anyone else on your wedding day, so the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable with them. I may not be the right person for you, and my advice is to visit a few photographers, bearing these things in mind – if you base your decision on these as well as practical factors, rather than on prices and packages alone, it will be one of the most fulfilling decisions you will make for your wedding.

Photos are taken throughout the day in a relaxed, candid style, catching all the big moments as well as those small ones that you might miss as you go through the day. You’ll also have all the details that so much planning, thought and care have gone into recorded, as well as photos of family, bridal party and the newly-weds. You’ll start with a digital package, varying depending on how much of the day you would like me to be there, from which you’ll get a disc of full quality images. Then you can add in a lovely album if you like, and there are lots of options so you are sure to get one that you’ll cherish and love to show off!